If you are from out side Rwanda, we would like to ensure that your attendance of this meeting can be your opportunity to visit different wonderful places in Rwanda. Here are different places and contact details on how to get there.

AROUND RWANDA“Our goal is to make your dreams and desires a reality. At Around Rwanda, each journey is flawlessly arranged to provide the traveler a worry- free experience.”

We provide business and leisure travelers with expert travel advice. We offer a variety of travel services in Rwanda, and arrangements to the rest of East Africa through our partners in the regions. We will assist you with all your requirements (accommodation booking, transportations, and tour guides)to and from the destinations of your choice.

At Around Rwanda Ltd we pride ourselves on service and standard of excellence that we give our clients. The company’s philosophy is to make the impossible possible through quality and efficient service per excellence to our clients. The company has a team of knowledgeable staff with many years of working experience in the tourism industry.

KIgali City – Rwanda
Phones: (+250) 073 601 1195
Phones: (+250) 078 980 0413 Email & Website


About Golden Trekkers.

Golden Trekkers is an authorized East African travel and tourism company specializing in Rwanda. We offer Wildlife Safari trips to all national parks. Packages range from luxury to budget-priced trips. The organization consists of a well trained and experienced staff with extensive knowledge and familiarity with the East African Tourism Sector. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Who is Vincent?

Vincent is a Rwandan, born in Uganda, so he’s familiar with the East African region. He is the managing director of Golden Trekkers. He has worked in tourism and conservation for the last 6 years as a tour guide in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. He has significant experience as a professional tour organizer/facilitator and understands the needs and desires of international visitors to the region. In 2010 Vincent was lucky enough to have been a part of the international team that conducted the mountain gorilla census in Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda.


Office Location:
Musanze Town, NM 29 St. Plot
No.17: Northern Province.
PO Box: 4441,Kigali – Rwanda


+250 788 694 017
+250 782 522 569

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Azizi Life Experiences is a social enterprise offering visitors to Rwanda the unique opportunity to really connect and gain insight into the life of rural Rwandans and their families. Through a range of different cultural Experience Days, you get to not only see something of the beauty and rigor of daily life, but also experience it. It’s a truly interactive way to learn about Rwandan culture!

Azizi Life Experiences currently offers six distinctive Experience Days. However, if you want to mix and match to create an experience that is tailored to your specific interests, just drop an email to the team at Azizi Life and we will put together a full or half day designed just for you. Or talk to us about creating a multi-day package.  Azizi Life’s office is located in Muhanga town, about one hour by car or bus from Kigali on the main Kigali-Huye road.

Azizi Life began in 2008 as an initiative of the Christian nonprofit, Food for the Hungry.  Through a business development program, we met a number of artisan cooperatives.  What we saw is that the artisans had skills, organization and leadership.  They had vision for the future.  They were from impoverished communities, but had a means to rise up.  The problem was this: although the artisans could sell their crafts to their neighbors or through a middleman, the income they earned was insufficient to support their families.  In some cases, they didn’t even cover the cost of the raw materials!



Through it’s community-based tourism NWC aims to generate an income for the Center and to promote Rwandan’s culture and history. Visitors can choose from a selection of three cultural tours that provide an insight to daily-life in Rwanda and in particular Kigali:

  1. Walking Tour in Nyamirambo: visitors are given an insight of life in one of Kigali’s oldest neighbourhoods.
  2. Experience the tradition of basket weaving: you will get to know about this Rwandan tradition and learn the basic skills of sisal weaving.
  3. Local cooking class with Aminatha: learn from NWC’s famous cook how to prepare traditional dishes of Rwanda.

Contact us

Nyamirambo Women’s Center

KN 7 Avenue, PO BOX 1418Kigali Rwanda

+250 782 111 860