“Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for Better Health and Improved Quality of Life – Shifting Perspectives and Transforming Care” is the theme of this conference

Observations from the review of global, regional and national achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) provided basis for the emergence and discourse of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The goals strive to achieve holistic development and improved humanity in the next few decades. This multidisciplinary conference, organized by the University of Rwanda, School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONM) articulates the Post 2015 discourse of the way forward after the MDGs, the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the third SDG focusing on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all and the expected roles that health care providers, especially nurses and midwives would be playing in achieving the goals. The 3rd SDG that focuses on health and wellbeing of all was analyzed in the context of achievement of Universal Health Care Coverage and Access (UHCA).  The understanding of the context of health as central to the achievement of all goals led to the emergence of the theme for the Second International Conference with the Theme “Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for Better Health and Improved Quality of Life – Shifting Perspectives and Transforming Care”


The goal of this conference is to provide the platform to articulate strategic changes in health care delivery for the achievement of SDGs for enhanced quality of life within a collaborative framework in health care while reflecting on desirable reforms in nursing education, research and practice in national, regional and international contexts.

The Conference will focus on achieving three objectives. Holding the conference will be fulfilling the SoN&M promise to the 2015 conference delegates, sponsors and other academics and practitioners with regards to organizing and hosting nursing international conferences every two years as one way of mapping strategies for excellence in nursing research, education and practice nationally, regionally and globally. Secondly, the conference will provide a platform for exploring current trends in health care delivery within a multidisciplinary context and the implications for the achievement of Universal Health Care Coverage and Access (UHCCA) and SDGs while looking at nursing roles in the light of new trends in nursing education, research and practice. Essentially holding this conference will contribute to the University of Rwanda’s vision of being pioneers in contributing innovative solutions for global health while enhancing the quality education and services in the Africa Region . To promote high participation across the globe, submissions and presentations adopting e-conferencing format will complement face-to-face presentations in the 2017 INC.


You will be updated on the theory, practice and changing paradigms in health care delivery globally with explicit presentation of the framework of what has worked in enhancing UHCCA and what should be considered especially in the low and middle income countries. Participants’ capabilities will be enhanced through sharing of new knowledge, exchange of ideas and best practice and networking for expanded collaborative research, interprofessioanl education and collaborative practice for cross-country results. The conference will provide the platform for future collaborations among individuals, across organizations, borders, issues and across communities for evidence based interventions for quality services and enhanced quality of life for people across nations. The conference covers preconference training workshops on critical academic and service competencies to promote the achievement of the SDGs and paper presentations from academics, practitioners, policy makers and development partners. Presentations are expected to help critique current practices with the intention to drive efficiency and effectiveness of education for quality practice for the achievement of the SDGs. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits will be given for participating in the pre-conference workshops and the main conference.

Key Abstract Submission Dates:

  • Call for Abstracts:                                       Monday-10th, May 2017
  • Abstract submission deadline:                 Monday- 3rd, July 2017
  • Submission of Revised Abstracts:           Monday- 24th, July 2017
  • Full Paper Submission:                             Wednesday- 4th, August 2017
  • Deadline for Submission of Full Paper:     Monday-28th, August 2017